Zetaclear is a remarkable product that I started noticing around the web not long after I started this blog. I especially wanted to write a review of this one because I know people who have nail fungus and I know the cost associated with the laser surgery approach, but if you are dealing with it, and if you fungus problem get’s really bad you’d likely be willing to pay the cost as well. Here is a great report about the condition.

The surprising thing is that after 4 months I’ve found out that even after the laser treatments that you still have to apply a fungus killer because the laser does not kill all of the fungus! Yep, even after all the cost every day for about a year you still are instructed by the doctors to apply a topical fungal killer to avoid getting a new infection out burst. Since you have to apply some type of ointment any way I thought why not try a herbal option from the start?

After researching more about nail fungus I found that there are some good brands that have been around for years and the reviews suggest these natural alternative really work over time just like laser treatment.

Long story short, for the worst type of nail infection I highly suggest you try ZetaClear for toenail black fungus  before jumping to the surgery option. For milder cases of nail infection try the less expensive Funginix brand.

There are review sites for both product that you can checkout:

ZetaClear Review Site
Funginix Review Site

Till next time.


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